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My name is Steven Wolf, I am 21 years old

What I Do

I have been in the trading business for 3 years, which might not sound like a particularly long time, especially compared to other professional traders that have been trading for decades, but trust me when I say this: I have been putting all the work in for these past years striving to become a professional forex trader.

When I was 17, I graduated from high school in Indonesia and then moved to Austria to study and work, but first I had to attend mandatory military service in Austria. After serving my 6 months in the military, the reality of adult life hit me straight in the face. I did not know exactly what I wanted to do, all I knew was that I had to find a university to study at and I had to find a job to financially support myself. I went through a tough time but fast forward three years and I now work in an office at a logistics company and I am also currently studying logistics. Although I have a stable job and I am studying, I would not have come this far in life mentally if it was not for the risk I took 3 years ago to invest and trade in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market.

How I Got Into Trading

The reason I started trading is simply that I did not have a lot of money and although I was grateful for what I had, I just wanted more money and I thought trading in the forex market would give me a good amount of money in a short period of time, which I really needed. Little did I know that I was completely wrong. It was not a get rich quick scheme and I was devastated. Yet I researched the forex market and read more online articles and books about wealth and learned that one of the key factors of becoming wealthy is investing. I also thought to myself, why just save money and let it rest in your bank account when you can use that money to let it work for you so you can make more money. I had a plan and it was to avoid unnecessary spending, not party every weekend, and simply live below my means, so I could save all that money and invest with it. So I did just that, I saved money, I put my head down, learned what I had to learn, worked hard, stayed disciplined, and remained consistent. I did all that when I started trading at 18 years of age until now, every single day.

“ Learning how to trade and finally becoming profitable over a period of time did not just give me another source of income but also helped me have a better mindset .”

How Trading Influenced Me

Learning how to trade and finally becoming profitable over a period of time did not just give me another source of income but also helped me have a better mindset and in the long term, it impacted me psychologically in a positive way. Before I started trading I was not mentally in a good state, due to personal issues but I had to conquer this problem because when I was trading I had to be focused and not let any emotions get the best of me. If I did let my emotions get the best of me, I would have definitely lost most of my money and quit trading. I had to force myself to mute the distractions going on in my head. I had to be relaxed when trading because a sound mind can help you a lot and give you a big advantage in continuing to trade and sticking to your plan, even when your trades are all going south. That is one of the main things that can differentiate you from being a profitable trader or not.

Being relaxed while trading might sound easy to many people, but once you start trading and you see your own hard-earned money that you have saved up for years slowly going into minus, your mind starts to go all over the place and you do not stick to your plan. You begin to panic and start doing something completely different that could hurt your trading account even more. I have surpassed this barrier of being held back emotionally and basically trade emotionlessly now, I stick to my trading plan, modify or execute the trades that need to be carried out and move on.

Forex Trading Isn’t Easy

Trading and investing in the forex market is not an easy task and trying to be profitable is the hardest task of all. I was not profitable for my first year of trading but throughout that year where I lost a bit of money and my emotions were running all over the place, that was the year that actually changed my life. I learned from my mistakes, learned how to adapt to different market situations, and gained so much knowledge about the forex market that I was able to build a profitable strategy and be the trader that I am today.

I had a vision 3 years ago and several goals throughout my journey which I have accomplished simply by believing in myself. There were a few people that told me I should stop and just focus on my job and my education, people that doubted me, never believed in me, told me that I would fail and told me that trading/investing in the forex market is a scam and will never get me anywhere but all of that never mattered to me because I knew what I wanted so I believed in myself and put all the work in.

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My Vision

With my website, I am trying to introduce, help, and educate people in the world of forex. I was once a beginner with lots of hope of being profitable one day and now it is my time to help and inspire others that are in the same position that I was in. My website offers courses that vary from basic knowledge all the way up to advanced knowledge of the forex market. So, if you have no knowledge of the forex market but do want to learn more, then the basic course is for you, and as your knowledge slowly increases you can move on to more advanced courses.

I am also working on becoming a verified fund manager, so soon it will be possible for anyone to invest with me without having to do anything other than registering for an account and selecting me as their fund manager. That means I will be using my own strategy on my account, taking my daily trades and as you invested with me, you will also automatically be taking the same trades I take, so you will be getting the profit I will be getting (percentage-wise) and from that, a small commission is taken. The actual amount of profit you will be receiving depends on the money you have invested, because the more capital you have, the more profit you get. If you have any questions about the courses or services that I provide, please do not hesitate to ask me. I have many ideas and services that I will be adding to my website in the future, this is just the beginning, so stay tuned and something might just be right for you!

And never forget, success starts with self-discipline.